Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Have to See This

Next time you’re in Rosebank, take a little walk past the entrance of Woolworths to where The Firs used to be. Turn right along the alleyway with the building site on your left and up onto the pedestrian walkway over Oxford Road. And look down three stories at the men and machines who at work on the beginning of the Gautrain tunnel.

Why? Because it’s awesome.

Those pillars. Like Karnak. I would suggest, in fact, that it should be a Joburg’s number one tourist attraction. Someone should put a coffee shop up there.

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Nick van der Leek said...

There sort of is a coffee shop perched on the edge of Joburg's biggest bottomless pit. Vida-e-cafe. Not quite where I think you mean, but it's on the verge of the abyss. You don't even need to stir your coffee - if a huge truck lumbers by, the vibration will probably shake through the legs of your table and dissolve your sugar for you. Check it out. (Vida -e is next to Big Blue, across from Standard Bank, near the mini amphitheatre.