Monday, January 4, 2010

Mariska Buitendag, 27, a waitress, eaten by Olifants River croc

SHOOT: Being eaten to death by a predator must be one of the worst ways to die.
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Johannesburg - A group of friends' New Year celebration ended in tragedy when a crocodile grabbed and apparently devoured a young woman from Phalaborwa in Limpopo.
Friends said Mariska Buitendag, 27, a waitress, didn’t have time to scream or call for help. She didn’t even struggle.
All they saw was a ripple on the water where seconds before she had been swimming in the Olifants River.
Henning, who was standing on the bank, immediately jumped into the river to look for Buitendag.
In the course of the morning, Buitendag swam in the river twice, but the third time, as she swam on her back, the crocodile struck.
Police spokesperson Sergeant Malesela Makgapo said the group had evidently had a lot to drink.
“Swimming is strictly prohibited where they were swimming,” Makgapo said.
A long-time resident of Phalaborwa said locals know “you don’t even put a toe in the river, it’s teeming with crocodiles and hippos”.
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