Friday, October 31, 2008

7 Ways to Slash Stress

NVDL: 2 I highly recommend are that you make a conscious choice to monitor your own thoughts. Especially at night. You need to be a guardian of your mind. The second one is food. Every thing you put into your body manifests in some way. Remember your body is photocopying its cells, and uses the food you give it to assist in this process. Feed it poison, and its going to replicate some of those cells in an aberrant way.

Just today a woman asked my age. When I said 36 you should have seen the look of astonishment. She said: "My God, you look as though you;re in your twenties." Exercise, no smoking and drinking not only keep us looking young, but feeling young (and destressed). Now I need to work on getting enough sleep. What's that saying about 'no rest for the wicked...'
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1. Start your day with meditation
2. Manage your mood with diet and herbs

• Every day, eat lots of green leafy vegetables, barley grass, seaweed - anything high in chlorophyll - to keep the liver in good health.

3. Suppress stress with positive thinking
4. Get stress out of your head and on paper

5. Unblock tension with exercise
6. A Retreat to Avoid Burnout
7. Perspective from the Natural World
Use nature to reduce stress. Go outside, hike in the woods, walk on the beach, anything that puts you in contact with the natural world. It is difficult to feel stressed when you are surrounded by nature's abundance of vitality and wonder.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buy a scooter (or a bike) for your commute

Want to save a ton of money on petrol? Quit driving anything with 4 wheels.
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Image: A man rides his scooter past a gas station

Laura T. Coffey

The economy is tanking. Bleak financial headlines are bombarding us every day. And on top of everything else, gasoline prices continue to be painfully high.

If you’re on the prowl for ways to save as much money as possible right now, you may be among the growing numbers of consumers who are showing an interest in scooters. Of course, depending on the weather where you live, a scooter might not be a viable year-round answer for you — but get this: A cute and trendy scooter can cost as little as $4 to fill up. Just $4!

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