Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Load Shedding Schedule for Rosebank

Today (Wednesday), right now there is no power in Rosebank, and this pattern is likely to be in place for some time. We are in area 1B (Rosebank East) and 2B (Rosebank West), which means load shedding from 6am - 10am (for both areas). Rosebank East (which includes the AVUSA offices and Rosebank Mall) will experience load shedding on Wednesdays one week, and Mondays and Fridays every second week, at these times. Rosebank West (closer to Jan Smuts avenue and the Mail & Guardian offices) will experience load shedding every Thursday one week, and every Tuesday and Saturday on alternate weeks.

To find the load-shedding schedule for your area, go to Citypower.co.za, and click on Load Shedding Plan. Right now it's difficult to access the site, possibly because everyone has woken up this morning to a more expensive commute via blank traffic lights and culminating in dark offices.

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