Friday, April 4, 2008

Exercise: Tying Neighborhoods to Fitness Efforts

Researchers have found that poorer people are less likely to exercise. But a new study finds that the neighborhood they live in may play just as big a role as their income.

Neighbourhood Deprivation, Social Capital and Regular Exercise during Adulthood: A Multilevel Study in Chicago (Urban Studies)Writing in a recent issue of Urban Studies, researchers say they found that people were less likely to exercise in neighborhoods that were poorer and less educated, and where women were more likely to be raising children without fathers. The lead author was Ming Wen of the University of Utah.

The researchers drew on a variety of data for neighborhoods in Chicago, including census information and surveys of residents about how they viewed their communities and how much they exercised.

By ERIC NAGOURNEY, for the New York Times.

More here.

My Rosebank: So the question is - does an attitude that leads to consistent exercising (and fitness) also lead to wealth [my guess is yes], or is overweightness an emotional weakness as opposed to a defective intelligence/motivational construct?

Is poverty vs wealth a factor of lower motivation or lower intelligence, or both? (and if both which is more relevant to solving the poverty problem?)

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