Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Does Joburg Need To be Any Greener?

Any question like that is becoming increasingly silly. We can no longer afford to ignore the environment (as a source of food, fuel and bad weather). Johannesburg is the world's largest man-made forest. Think that's enough? At home I have coughed up black gunk, which I'm guessing is car soot. We can do a lot to look at our pollution; not only on our highways, but also from SASOL.
Efficiency is important, but changing how we consume, changing our lifestyles is the way we can affect real change. The latter though is harder, and requires sacrifice.

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Abby said...

Well here in the USA, we have an "Adopt a highway" program. Each mile of highway is sponsored by a company/person who gets his name on a little pole. They are required to ensure that the highway section that they "own" is clean, neat and nothing in it that is dangerous, they are also required to inspect their piece of road for potholes etc and if such potholes exist, they are to report it to the road agency.

Perhaps we should start looking at something similar in SA for the visible pollution aspect.

As for the air pollution, we really should push for carpooling/vanpooling and the like. If we have 500 people carpooling a week that is 250 cars less on the road.