Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't stop believin', Hillary

Run, Hillary, run.

Run in Guam, run in North Carolina, run in Indiana. Run in each and every one of the nine contests that are left.
Then make some states do their contests over.
Should Barack Obama's victory in Vermont really count? I don't think Vermont is actually a state. I think it is technically a socialist republic. Have somebody check this out.
And Obama's victory in Alaska? Are you kidding me? They let caribou vote in Alaska.

Read the rest of Roger Storm's article here.

My Rosebank: Although in the scheme of things it probably doesn't matter who is America's next prez (their options are becoming limited by the day), the American public can probably do better than the current fella in the White House, but somehow I would prefer that that person NOT be Hillary Clinton. Someone was saying that if Clinton does win, power will have been in the hands of two families in America for something like 20 years. Obama will be a refreshing change, but as much as I'd like to see him win, my money is on McCain.


Abby said...

Interesting to note in an interview on general public on CNN recently, they asked whether Obama is the next President. Many of them said they would want him to be the President but they are not sure if America was ready for a black president.

Doesn't America always promote how they are so racially integrated and how everyone is equal. Seems not so in the presidential elections!

Nick van der Leek said...

My perception isn't that America is (or ever was) integrated. Not since the the days of the wild wild west.