Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things to do in Rosebank - Part 1

Do you know your stuff? Do you really? Well then, what better way to spend a Wednesday night, than to tickle those braincells into action at the Bulldogs Pub in the Rosebank Mall. They have a trivia quiz run by Quiznite. There are approx 20 teams in the league currently and there is always place for newcomers.

The format of the quiz is as follows:

10 rounds of 5 questions each

Each round comprises a different subject i.e. History, Science and Nature, Music, Art and Literature (Culture), Riddles, Sport and Recreation, Geography, Film and Entertainment, Guest Section (different each week), Current Affairs

Within these sections there is 1 picture section and 1 audio section. (These change weekly)
Teams need to opt for a joker section i.e. a section they believe that they will do the best at (they will be awarded double points in this section)

There are 3 “Bonus” questions. 2 of these are spot questions where teams are required to solve a problem and a lucky draw is held with the first correct answer drawn winning a prize. The 3rd bonus question is a blindingly obscure question where the team closest to correct (typically numeric) answer receiving 2 bonus points
10 rounds of 5 questions each

If you are wanting to take part in this, remember that there is a max of 4 members per team and that you need to book at Bulldogs for the quiznite.

If you want to try some brainteasers, try these: http://www.quiznite.co.za/entertainment.htm

For more info on this quiz: http://www.quiznite.co.za/blacksteer.htm

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