Monday, March 24, 2008

A Rose Garden Without Walls (and the first of many)

Social networking with no boundaries, and no borders. You can be part of the Rosebank community, and all you need is an email address and the enthusiasm to be part of South Africa's most vibrant and active hub of internet business activity.

Rosebank is where it is at. It is the HQ of such diverse companies as SASOL, the Media Houses of the Mail & Guadian and of course, AVUSA. The GAUTRAIN will make a beeline for Rosebank (coming in from the airport), and why not - THE MALL and THE ZONE boast some of the country's finest fare and food.

In terms of entertainment, the cinemas in Rosebank boast cutting edge technology, including the capacity to flight 3D flicks (a la Beowulf).

This is the raging heartbeat of the country. It is a dynamic that is under construction, with road works sidelining plenty of traffic, but traffic converges on this centre of commerce (and e-commerce) none the less.

But who are the Rosebankers? Who are the modern South Africans, black and white, online and off, that are the Rosebank Community?

We are a community filled with vitality, bright ideas and valid criticisms. Is the intelligence employed here, the architecture and the engineering that sprouts in this garden, that feeds into the rest of Jozi, and down the arteries of the M1 and N1 into the rest of the country. Be part of the collaborative process. Making a difference is your choice. Be a connected part of the garden. And let's see our garden grow.

If you would like to participate in this community we'd ideally like you to work in Rosebank right now, or to live here, or both. You're also qualified if you've visited, or worked, or lived here at sometime recently. And believe it or not, if you're particularly interested and enthusiastic about this community, we also want you to be part of it.

Depending on the popularity of this site, membership may be capped on further notice.

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