Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Rise and Rise Of Hyper-Localism

Blogs have the potential to instantly shoot out of a home in suburbia, and communicate with micro and macro networks, regional and international. As such, they have a tremendous amount of untapped potential. And as South Africa gradually buys-into broadbank (expensive as it is), the benefits are likely to be felt more and more at a local level. Of course, the quality of benefit depends to what extent the community (and its children) involve itself in...well, itself. Wouldn't it be great for suburbia to inform itself of small but nevertheless pertinent issues: houses for sale, potholes, a school play, a local rugby match or fun run, crime patterns, bargain, garage sales - the options are endless. Blogs like this one are just one instrument in an arsenal designed to connect the home to the community substrate. My Week and are others, along with knock-and-drop newspapers, Mr. Delivery menus and all the rest. The true power of this hodge podge of services will begin to emerge when they take hands, integrate, and then begin to specialise in fulfilling the hopes and dreams of suburbia. Believe me, these are many.

Personally I think this sort of activity has taken a long time to emerge. Home Fulfillment (Mr. Delivery on steroids) has the potential to relieve tons of stress for suburbanites. I developed a business plan to build efficiencies from the home to the supplier. The time is nigh in South Africa that these networks begin to activate, since we cannot afford to live disconnected and inefficiently any longer. I called my Fulfillment provider Rocketboy - the hero your home needs.

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