Thursday, March 27, 2008

Road Biatch

I have noticed a disturbing new trend. And I am sure a little browse through a K53 book in the local CNA would stop me from feeling I might be the one going mad, that I learnt road rules different to half the rest of the country.

Seriously. People. Please STOP DRIVING THROUGH RED ROBOTS!!!

And I am hardly raging out through my windscreen just to taxis. This is to the lady in the porche. The guy in his landrover. The kid in the golf… kid?? It seems half of road users these days feel nothing for recognising red robots. (Or “Bus Only” lanes and one-ways for that matter!)

And I am praying I will not be in the car chugging through that green, when you are the one who pops the perpendicular red!

Yesterday morning, on my (legal limit) race to the airport, sometime between sun rising & dawn, every single car BUT mine treated all red robots as yields. And I could not figure it out. People have taken the fear of stopping at a robot in pitch darkness and now seem to be abusing at will. And I am sick of it… because if we can’t even follow road signs, what hope do we have of being law abiding in the slightest…

The Rosebank element? Well, it was with the changing of roads and signs, two-ways becoming one-ways, and “Bus Only” lanes painted on during Gautrain set up, that really made me realise how too many of us feel we are above daily laws. We’ll follow them if we like them. And we do so with such arrogance. But if everyone went through the red, not just you, or down the wrong way, then… it’s about thinking ten steps ahead.

So yeah, that’s me shouting and flashing you down Bolton, cause I’m all for law abiding roads. At the very least.

And that’s me chanting through the window at you, that childhood rhyme…
Green means Go
Yellow means Slow
And… Red….means…Stop!

Argh. Traffic time. I’m sure my second post will be much chirpier.

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Nick van der Leek said...

I must admit, I sometimes, okay usually - drive on the lane dedicated to taxi's and busses only in Rosebank. Bath Road right? I have to come back on that road anyway if I go around the long way, but I guess it is a contravention. How do you feel about *cyclists* going through red traffic lights?