Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sssshhh...don't tell anyone this...

Some people think, and some think thety do, but actually don't. The latter is a sort of prolonged delusional daydream, disconnected from desert-of-the-real things like gravity, death, ice cream extinction and tiring honeybees.
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Some people think there is huge change coming in the near future. The theory goes like this. Entire economies will collapse. There will be worldwide poltical instability and global wars. And what do they think will cause all that? Global warming? A natural disaster? Maybe an asteroid? Nope. Some people think it could be because of something as simple as the price of oil. The theory is called peak oil. The world you know could totally change after we hit peak oil. But how? What will life be like? Will it be anything like the lives that we live now. My next guest is the author of a book called the Long Emergency, he knows his peak oil and he's got some answers for us. His name is James Kunstler and he joins me from New York.

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