Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Desperate Times: Shoplifters now stealing bread to eat

"Previously luxury items accounted for the majority of items involved in shoplifting, while lately people are tending to try to steal more basic food and household items."
clipped from www.iol.co.za
Shoplifting on the rise

    July 12 2008 at 01:18PM

By Nondumiso Mbuyazi

As the country's financial situation gets rapidly worse Africa's largest food retailers, Shoprite Group, have noticed a major shift in shoplifting patterns as the economy worsens.

Spokesperson for the group, which includes the Checkers supermarket chain, Sarita van Wyk, said shoplifters have made a move from stealing small, high-price, luxury items to basic necessities, suggesting that people are shoplifting more out of necessity than greed.

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