Thursday, October 29, 2009

What mistakes to avoid when buying a second-hand car

Criminals can create counterfeit or fraudulent titles and use them to legally register and then sell stolen cars. If you buy a car without a valid title, it's the worst-case scenario -- you don't legally own the car you just bought.

SHOOT: Be careful when buying a used car. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.
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5 Used-Car Red Flags

If only cars could talk. It would make the buying experience a lot easier, wouldn't it? Because
verbalized or not, every used car has a story to tell. And to avoid getting ripped off, it's up to you to
listen. You need to know about the skeletons in that car's closet, the dark secrets of its past.

Red Flag #1: No Service Records

One of the most important aspects of a used car is its maintenance history. You want to make sure you're
buying a vehicle that has had routine oil changes and major mileage services. Always ask the seller, even if
it's a car dealership, for all service records.

Red Flag #2: Vehicle and Accident History Issues

The report shows accident/damage
history as well as title problems, frame damage and an odometer rollback check -- any of which should be
deal breakers.

Red Flag #3: Mechanical Problems

Red Flag #4: A Problem Title

Red Flag #5: A Fraudulent Title

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