Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Police open fire on a Toyota Conquest - and kill a woman by mistake

They were travelling from Hammanskraal to Mabopane in a grey Toyota Conquest at about 3am when police, who were looking for a hijacked Toyota Conquest which fitted the description, shot at them.

SHOOT: Excuse me, but how do you just open fire on a vehicle. Those police involved ought to be stripped of their badges. Even if they were hijackers, you don't just open fire.
clipped from www.sowetan.co.za

Police told Sowetan on Sunday that the driver of the Toyota Conquest failed to stop when instructed to do so and that police gave chase before shooting at the vehicle.

This was disputed by both Singo and Mathibela “as nothing but a pack of lies” yesterday.

“We had just pulled off from a stop street and a blue light flashed from behind, and that’s when I spotted the police vehicle behind us.

“I told my friends that there were police behind us. I slowed down and that was when the first shot hit the car from behind. My friend jumped from the back seat and hit the hazard button but more shots followed. After the shooting had stopped, I came out with my military identification card in my hand and lay face down on the ground to avoid being shot,” said Mathibela.

His statement was corroborated by Singo, who added: “There were no sirens, no warning shot and the blue light almost flashed simultaneously with the gunfire.”

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