Monday, October 26, 2009

UFS to re-open Reitz - following criticism of its decision to pardon

SHOOT: What a sad story. You'd think a year before the 2010 World Cup that the government would want such a shameful headline grabber out of the newspapers. But it is the ANC who are pushing for the re-opening of the Reitz case hardest. Why? Because 'Cry Racism' is a rallying call to other Africans. It's political efficacy isn't in doubt. It's good for Malema and black solidarity. It's divisive and harmful to everyone else of course. It's certainly at odds with Madiba's spirit of reconciliation.
Which is better, to blame the Reitz four, or to punish and then forgive them?
The way to resolve this matter ought really to be to see how the 'victims' of this case feel. Not to have the Youth League take up/make up the cause of the 'victims' as appears to be the case.
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Bloemfontein - The University of the Free State will reopen discussions on the Reitz residence video following criticism of its decision to pardon the four students involved, it said on Sunday.

"All stakeholders inside and outside the UFS are invited to meet with the university management to table their concerns and to try to find consensus on a way forward," rector Jonathan Jansen said in a statement.

Anyone who wanted to be take part in these talks should contact Billyboy Ramahlele on 051-401-2822 to make an appointment. UFS management would be available for these consultations at any time.

At his inauguration last Friday, Jansen announced the university had pardoned four former Reitz students whom filmed an initiation of five black staff members into hostel activities in 2007.

Jansen's announcement had drawn criticism, notably from Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande, Cosatu and the ANC Youth League, and praise in the past week.

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