Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've lost my job - how do I go about claiming UIF

SHOOT: You'll need the following information from your previous employer
- last 6 payslips, a U119 form
-You will need to provide your ID book or Passport and complete a U12 form at your local Department of Labour of Office
-Proof that you are registered as a work-seeker with the Dept. of Labour

Find your local Labour Office here:

Credits are given to the worker as they work and contribute to the Fund. For every six days you have worked you get one day’s credit up to a maximum of 238 days. To build up the maximum credits you have to work for four years. If you have worked for less than 238 days you can claim for the number of days credits you have built up. Benefits are calculated on a sliding scale dependent on your salary. The benefit rates range from 38% for the highly paid workers (earning more than R97 188 per annum, R8099 per month or R1869 per week) to 58% for the lowest paid workers.
types of benefits provided by the Fund: 
– If you lose your job you must apply
within 6 months of becoming unemployed.  You can claim benefits for up to 34 weeks (238 days).
Benefits can be claimed when:
Benefits may be claimed
for any period of unemployment lasting more than 14 days, if -
The reason for
the unemployment is the termination of a contract of employment,
dismissal of the contributor or insolvency;
Application is
made in accordance with the prescribed requirements;
The contributor
is registered as a work-seeker with a labour centre established
under the Skills Development Act;
The contributor
is capable of and available for work.
of payment by the Fund:
needed to apply for benefits:
Unemployment Benefits

13 digit bar-coded identity document or

Last 6 payslips

Information supplied by employer (U119)

A fully completed application booklet

Proof that you are registered as a
work-seeker with the Dept. of Labour

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