Tuesday, September 15, 2009

World Swine flu deaths surge past 4000, South Africa now at 47 dead [11 000 infections]

SHOOT: America is approaching 50 000 infections and 800 deaths, but Brazil is the world leader with 14 400 infections and 848 deaths. Argentina is third with 8 851 infections and 514 deaths. If you compare the Argentina total, South Africa's looks suspect: 8 851/514 - 11 000/47.
clipped from www.ecr.co.za
The Health Department's told ECR Newswatch that 47 people have died of H1N1 while about 11 000 people are confirmed to have the illness.
It emerged over the weekend that a KZN doctor had died of swine flu. However the department's Fidel Hadebe says those getting infected are still mainly pregnant women and young children.
He says the situation has become more manageable at hospitals.
"Panic seems to have eroded somehow. I think people gradually have come to understand more about the H1N1 influenza.
We still working hard as a department and as a country to respond to this pandemic. We cannot rest until we begin to see a significant decline in the number of cases reported."
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Outbreak evolution in South America:     Deaths     Confirmed cases     Suspected cases     No reported cases
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