Wednesday, September 23, 2009

South Africa: House robberies are up by a massive 27,3%

SHOOT: Business robberies are up 41%. I did predict this when it was clear that the economy was nosediving. I had my own Trek bicycle frame zipped off my patio within a few days of moving into a new place a few weeks ago. This is inside a gated complex with dogs etc, and the bike had no wheels. This means someone carried the frame right past the security guards who control access to the road.
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  • Sexual offences increased by 10,1percent.
  • House robberies are up by a massive 27,3percent.
  • Car and truck hijackings increased by 5percent and 15,4percent, respectively.
  • Business robberies went up by 41,5percent.
  • Murder dropped by 3,4percent.
  • Between April last year and April this year, 2,1million crimes were committed. The National Prosecuting Authority is currently prosecuting only a million crimes.

    Mthethwa hit out at the rate of house robberies.

    “We simply cannot tolerate a situation where people do not feel safe in their homes,” he said.

    Almost two-thirds of all murders happen between people who know each other, especially in poor communities, Mthethwa said.

    “This is usually when people have too much to drink, love triangles and jealousy,” crime information analyst Chris de Kock said.

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