Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pimp Your Notebook

Gearzap is an online shopping resource for electronic brands ranging from Beltin to Zeroshock. The emphasis is on laptop bags, but everything else associated with netbooks and laptops is also on sale.
Some brands may be very familiar to you, like Sony and Samsung. Others are fresh, new and hot, hot, hot, like Cool Bananas, GelaSkins, Crumpler, Sushi and CoverBee.

The range of accessories is colorfully elaborate. Gearzap is your resource for everything from batteries and cables, headphones and headsets, nifty new external drives, docks and cooling pads, memory cards, skins, usb hubs, wireless adapters and more.

Gearzap has a feature for you to compare products; you can pay using recognized credit cards or PayPal using their secure online system. While prices are reflected in Great British Pounds, you can find the equivalent prices in your preferred currency by visiting

You can also subscribe to Gearzap’s newsletter once you’ve become a fan of their service, or if you want to stay up to date on the very latest tech stuff.'s unique notebook and laptop accessories are worth a second glance. Have a look at their stylish portable mini mouse to kickass netbook skins and protectors.

Some of the laptop accessories that I like are the bestselling Hard Covers for netbooks [from Cool Bananas]. The casing is hard, ‘shock proof’ they say, perfect for people who are always on the go and like to take their netbooks everywhere. It’s a nice, snazzy laptop case for around R300.

The laptop bag from Belkin is a lighter, more comfortable ride, for the same price. It has additional compartments for your mp3 player and other electronic accessories, while the supersoft nonslip shoulder strap and sturdy ergonomic handle ensure your comfort.

Gearzap is the only place where you can find the exact case for your netbook and browse their range of netbook accessories for the most useful mobile devices. Check it all out here.

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