Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine Flu may scupper 2010 World Cup

SHOOT: It's interesting to note that the media so far hasn't really responded to this critical event. Pandemic flu presents the most serious threat to human beings that there is. It has, in history, killed 40 million people (more than our worst war figures by far). Pandemic flu could easily finish off what the credit crunch hasn't by wiping out teetering business by adding yet another expense to fragile bank accounts (medical health bills).
The possibility of Pandemic Flu could also result in travel bans which would finish of South Africa's World Cup. It's too early to call it now, but concern is valid.
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Fatal swine flu breaks out in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY – The schools and museums are closed. Sold-out games between Mexico's most popular soccer teams are being played in empty stadiums. Health workers are ordering sickly passengers off subways and buses. And while bars and nightclubs filled up as usual, even some teenagers were dancing with surgical masks on.

Across this overcrowded capital of 20 million people, Mexicans are reacting with fatalism and confusion, anger and mounting fear at the idea that their city may be ground zero for a global epidemic of a new kind of flu — a strange mix of human, pig and bird viruses that has epidemiologists deeply concerned.

A man, wearing a surgical mask ,passes a mural in Mexico City, Mexico, Friday,

Scientists have warned for years about the potential for a pandemic from viruses that mix genetic material from humans and animals. This outbreak is particularly worrisome because deaths have happened in at least four different regions of Mexico, and because the victims have not been vulnerable infants and elderly.

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