Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make the recession work for you - If you're feeling bold enough to bargain shop, opportunities abound

Someone said, 'In the middle of trouble lies opportunity.'
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2.  Laptops
Paul Ryder, vice president of consumer electronics for, says laptop prices have dropped thanks to the interest in netbooks. Although the Consumer Price Index does not break out laptop computers from others, it seems to broadly support this claim, with personal computer prices falling 13 percent in February from a year earlier.

3. Toys
Parents can breathe a sigh of relief: More affordable toys are on their way for the holidays. According to the Toy Industry Association Inc., toy manufacturers are responding to the economic climate by developing low-cost toys. One toymaker, Wild Planet, has priced their entire 2009 line under $25. Look for lower-priced toys starting to hit stores this summer.

4. Televisions
Each year it seems as though TVs get cheaper and cheaper, but this year those decreases are starting to make larger flat-panel TVs far more affordable.
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