Thursday, April 9, 2009

20 car pile up in Johannesburg this morning: "There are burnt out cars all over. It looks like a massacre."

SHOOT: If you're headed towards Limpopo today for the Easter weekend recommended alternative routes are the R21 and R101 going north. Clearing operations on the N1are expected to last the whole day.
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A runaway cement truck ploughed into 20 cars on the N1 highway near Pretoria on Thursday morning, causing the highway to be closed off for most of Thursday.

Pretoria Metro officials said the crash happened at about 2am, between the Rigel and Atterbury offramps. Five people in total, the truck driver included, were hurt in the accident which saw several cars catching alight.

"It is estimated that clearing-up operations may last the entire day. Alternative routes to be used are R21 and R101 northwards directions," he said, urging motorists heading towards Limpopo to drive with care and be patient.

Talk Radio 702's traffic commentator Aki Anistasiou(corr) was on the scene and described the series of burnt out car wrecks as "like nothing I have ever seen in all my years".
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