Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Protesters Storm RBS Bank

NVDL: This anger and outrage is just the beginning. What's more, it's completely justified. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to change our circumstances whomever we blame. It is a bit late of course to wake up, but better late than never.
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Riot police have moved in after an officer was hurt during scuffles between police and G20 demonstrators outside the Bank of England.

Police attempt to subdue the crowds near the Bank of England, during the G20 protests in the centre of London

Windows were smashed at a nearby RBS branch in the City of London and four protesters were seen entering the building, followed shortly afterwards by police.

It came after a protester hit an officer with a large pole during large-scale protests ahead of the summit of world leaders.

A protester is arrested
Protesters at Bank, during the G20 protests in the centre of London

"Every day we hear of billions being given to bankers and billions are being spent on wars.

"We want to demonstrate today to say we are not going to put up with this and the G20 should represent us.

"I think people are angry and they want to show their anger."

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G20 In Numbers

    • £19m - Estimated cost of hosting G20

    • £7.5m - Rough cost of policing

    • 84,000 - Police hours taken up by G20

    • 22 - Countries taking part

    • 90 - Percentage of world's GDP represented by G20 nations

    • 2,500 - Journalists at G20

G20 protests planned for April 1st

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