Saturday, November 7, 2009

Melrose Arch Bikini Parade

SHOOT: Sound too good to be true? Part of me says this is fun, but here's an interesting comment:

The awareness for breast cancer is a good idea. The bikini's in public?.... I don't think so, with all the rape and molestation going on in our country. Without a doubt there will be those with prying eyes but not out of respect but rather to get the "turn on". I love a beautiful body in a bikini and see nothing wrong with it but in the "right place". Maybe show a bit more respect and avoid the possibility of "setting off sick minds" or parading like cattle to the "slaughter house".
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Join the World's Largest Bikini Parade: with a difference!
On Saturday 7 November at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg, flocks of bikini-clad women will parade down the 1,600 meters of Melrose Arch Boulevard in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record™ for the World’s Largest Bikini Parade.
It is all about ‘Your Shape, and doing things Your Way’. What better way to celebrate this than by having the confidence to participate in a bikini parade?” remarks Sarah Mansfield, corporate spokesperson at the Kellogg Company of South Africa.

- Participants can register on 7November at the Piazza in Melrose Arch from 10h00 – 11h00.
- Participants must be 16 years or older and wear a bikini for the duration of the parade only – changing facilitates will be   provided
- The parade will commence promptly at 11h00 on the 7th of November 2009 at the Piazza in Melrose Arch
- Please note that no sarongs or swim shorts are permitted.

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