Sunday, November 1, 2009

Break these 5 bad habits - before they break you!

SHOOT:Amazing how the most profound things that affect us remain the most basic. Living a balanced life, filled with common sense, is how to best take care of yourself, and others.
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I have identified five critical areas, bad
habits that many people mindlessly follow. Do you realize that each
and every day of your life that you do not reverse these dangerous
trends, you get farther and farther from your ultimate goal of
living a fulfilling life?
1) Stealing from sleep:
Studies show that a minimum of seven to nine hours of uninterrupted
sleep (at night) are essential for health. Sleep is the time when

your body
repairs and recovers from all of the metabolic
processes that your body performs every second. Sleep
supports healthy weight management
, raises growth
hormone, and heals the adrenals.
2) Skipping
How many times do you find yourself dashing
out the door to start your day, only to discover that you forgot to

3) Blowing off
If you think you can manage your health and
weight through dietary means alone, it won't work.
4) Noshing
at night:
5) Not counting your
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