Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joost voyeurism a sad state of affairs - WELL SAID!

The only way people can distance themselves from this culture and show that they are not driven by such base sadistic and voyeuristic instincts is to turn their gaze away from the shame of others.

This means not supporting media that perpetrates such abuse, in fact, not even asking whether the story is true.

NVDL: Fact is the Media are complicit in this, which makes the Media as debaucherous as the deed. Really, aren't there more important things to worry about than potentially dishonest celebrities who snort coke and cheat ion their wives? If you or I or someone on the street did that, would anyone have any interest at all. Jeepers, get a life.
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His theory was that America does not convict its heroes. I thought of that when the Joost van der Westhuizen story broke.

Trial by media seems to have become a national sport. The rules seem to be guilty until proven innocent and even then doubted. People seem to believe that justice is better administered through kangaroo courts than more traditional forums.

Instead of proving a matter beyond reasonable doubt, they rely on unreasonable certainty to make a finding of guilt, regardless of how flimsy the evidence or how corruptly it was acquired. It shows that while the Colosseum might be in ruins, the culture it represents still prevails.

When challenged, the perpetrators — in this case the makers and publishers of the video — did not relent or concede even the possibility of poor judgment or wrongdoing.

In the process, enough profit is made from magazine sales to make the legal fees spent in ensuing litigation negligible, even if they are found to have acted in bad faith.

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