Tuesday, March 17, 2009

As Newspapers Change Strategy, Internet Content Is Reaching Critical Mass

NVDL: I also believe the time is ripe (and right) for YAHOO! to transition itself as content provider. When this happens, even more Print providers will go out of business as the industry senses fundamental shifts taking place (from Print to Digital).

That said, over the medium term, it would be good to know if the savings we make from ink and paper will not be lost in trying to keep coal-power stations running, and electricity based internet humming uninterrupted. I'm not confident that it will beyond the next decade or so.
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Of these, it seems that Yahoo’s ability to build value added services around high quality content destinations - a la Yahoo! Fantasy Sports attached to Yahoo! Sports - as well as its proprietary (albeit second in class) ad platform could well be in the best position to benefit from the rationalization of the print media industry. I’ve written before that I believe that Yahoo should shift focus from its belief that it is an internet and search business and begin embracing its true role as a content destination. It would seem that the market is now presenting a tremendous opportunity for the business to seize relevance and get out from the shadow of search.

For those looking for the “next big thing,” I would put my money on what services or businesses rise to fill the “localization” void which will ultimately be created as newspapers exit the print business and pare down headcount.
One example might include the development of localized blog networks like SB Nation.
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