Monday, January 12, 2009

'Wii' Will Rock You

Wii Sports is the highest selling video game ever.

Remember the term "virtual reality." Remember we saw movies with people wearing glasses and sometimes suits and "navigating" in a "virtual world." Wii changes all that with a simple cell phone sized object you hold in your hand. Wii has finally delivered on virtual reality in beautiful Technicolor.

During the Christmas week of 2008, Wii Sports officially became the highest selling videogame in history. The title previously belonged to another Nintendo legend, Super Mario Bros.

While Wii Sports has sold over 40.2 million copies worldwide, some dismiss the games' success since the game is bundled with the Wii console (in sales outside of Japan and South Korea). So is Wii overhyped?
I test drove the Wii for the first time a few weeks ago. The console itself has something of Apple's clean white, "fresh" design. This is a high tech product that delivers some of the most innovative technology in gaming.
Wii is a novel experience compared to conventional PC games, and even multiplayer games. Wii Sports really demands your full physical presence, meaning you should really be standing up with a fair amount of room to manoeuvre in your lounge or bedroom. A sensor placed on the television or monitor detects motion off remote devices held by the players.
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