Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nintendo: New tech promises on-tap assistance

Nintendo are on the cutting edge...

The days of getting stuck in games could be gone altogether, if a patent filed recently by Nintendo comes to fruition.

Nintendo's idea, made public in a patent application this week, hinges on making demonstration videos available to players while they're playing the game, either as a thumbnail view or a full-screen animation. Players could interrupt the demonstration at any point, taking control back to continue playing without assistance. Think of it as a tutorial guide that lasts throughout the entire game.

It also proposes to let players start playing at any point during a game -- a feature that's in many games already, but typically only unlocked once a player has already completed those levels. Just like skimming a newspaper article for the juicy bits, this would allow players to tackle games, in their entirety, at their own whim.

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