Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to be happy...

Might be a good time to check out these tips at the start of a fresh, new year...
clipped from www.webmd.com

Happiness Barrier No. 1: Complexity

Solution: Simplify

If you simplify your life, you create more space in your day, making it
possible to reflect on your life.

Happiness Barrier No. 2: A Breakneck Pace

Solution: Take a Pause

“That kind of tension takes a toll on your
soul and your psyche.”
clipped from www.webmd.com

Happiness Barrier No. 3: Negativity

Solution: Let go

“Your prison is nothing in comparison with the inner prison of ordinary
people: the prison of attachment, the prison of anger, the prison of
depression, the prison of pride.” wrote Lama Zopa Rinpoche to a California

Happiness Barrier No. 4: Despair

Solution: Stay hopeful

clipped from www.webmd.com

Happiness Barrier No. 5: Suppressing sadness

Solution: Feel the real

Having a positive outlook doesn’t mean you never allow yourself to feel

Happiness Barrier No. 6: Navel-gazing

Solution: Connect with others

It turns out that
happiness can spread through social networks, like a virus.
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