Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Joburg tap water has 'no cholera'; is the lower Vaal cholera free?

The results for the tests on Sasol's water supply system came back on Tuesday morning and indicated that all sites except one were fine, according to O'Sullivan. - Verashni Pillay

NVDL:So they're saying it was a hoax email, although the vital clue is: no cholera in the UPPER catchment (areas providing water for Johannesburg) at this stage. What about the lower areas?
Watch this space for details of any changes.
Btw thanks Verashni for verifying the veracity of this story.
clipped from www.news24.com

Johannesburg - An e-mail claiming cholera found in the Vaal River was contaminating Gauteng tap water was slammed by authorities on Tuesday.

"We can categorically state, because we do the testing, that there is no cholera present at this stage in the upper catchment of the Vaal River and the Vaal Dam," said Karl Lubout, Rand Water's water quality specialist.

All tap water in Gauteng was safe, he told News24.

The rumours began after Sasol found an irregularity in its internal water supplies, and carried out tests.

Staff at the Sasol One factory site were told not to drink the tap water because of a bacteria contaminant.

An internal e-mail was leaked to the public, causing a flurry of panicked e-mails.

"We have just found out that the Vaal River, which supplies most of JHB with water, has been infected with cholera," said one e-mail. "If the rumours are correct then Sasol has already sent a warning out to its employees."

But Sasol has slammed the "urban legend".

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