Thursday, May 15, 2008

Movie Night

I finally got me and the dodgy boyfriend off to watch “Juno”. He had first bulked when he heard the topic – teen pregnancy – but somehow suddenly his mind was changed and he was all keen....might have had something to do with him hearing Jennifer Garner was in it. Hmmm.

It really is great fun. Light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, worth a watch if you’re up for distractions from South Africa’s daily themes.

And it was not at all like I expect typical Hollywood edge-around-and-be-so-politically-correct-even-George Bush-screams-"JUST SAY IT AS IT IS!!" films on this topic to be... It kinda reminded me of "Little Miss Sunshine" in its "approach". Argh. Just go and check it out and chuckle...

And while chilling with the arties, we also realised a film festival is starting on Friday May 23rd till Thursday May 29th at Rosebank’s Cinema Nouveau (and at a few others around being a national festival). .... For the brochure.

"Africa on Screen is a celebration of African film and culture. Now in its 3rd year the festival continues to grow and in 2008 is proud to be a national festival with screenings at Cinema Nouveau Rosebank and Cavendish, Ster Kinekor Junction at Maponya Mall and Festival Mall, and also with free screenings at Museum Africa.
The festival aims to showcase the best in new and quality African films within mainstream cinema environments, while also reaching out to audiences with educational and classic African films. This year’s festival includes over 24 films, from animation to documentaries and no less than 10 South African premieres of films from across the continent".


Abby said...

If you liked Little Miss Sunshine, have a good giggle at Running with Scissors. I think we can all relate to some aspect of Running with Scissors!

Nick van der Leek said...

Also watch FARGO, Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. JUNO is a lovely flick.