Friday, May 2, 2008

Are you waiting for a miracle?

Once upon a time there was a person lying in a bed near the North Pole. It was cold and snowing, and the iceberg upon which the bed was lying was shrinking by the day. Some of the wet was creeping up the fabric of the blankets, yet a small amount of warmth could be gained by remaining curled in bed. But the returns from remaining in bed with snow piling onto the blankets was becoming almost negligible.

The moment one plunges into a pool of water, or emerges out of bed, or one's rocketship blasts off against the Earth's gravitation pull - this requires a shocking commitment of energy. But every subsequent moment becomes easier. In contrast, every moment the rocket is anchored to the Earth, every delayed moment wrapped in blankets or standing at the side of the pool represents a moment lost, and an investment in the Bank of Doubt.

I went for a walk this fine, miserable morning. It is actually beautiful seeing the rustic Oak Trees and cold bright flower dripping with the morning cold.
We encountered my neighbour, a woman who has been begging all around the neighborhood. All I know is she crashed her car, then crashed it up again good and well so that it can't be driven. Since then she has been rambling, hitch-hiking, soliciting favours from - it seems - everyone. I've driven her to Rosebank a few times. When I spoke to my landlady this morning she wandered by and my landlady dived behind a wall so as not to be drawn into a long conversation (amounting to help me, save me, give me).

So when I spoke to the woman I asked her how things were going, and she recounted all the favours she was expecting from various people (a mechanic who would fix her car for free for example). She asked me to call a friend of mine to get the church involved on her case. Interesting. I must call my friend on her behalf and plead her case for her.

I asked her: "Is your strategy to get out of your financial trouble based on what you hope and wish other people can do to help you?" Because to the extent that we expect other people to save us, to that extent we've defaulted responsibility and are really just waiting for something to happen, waiting to get something for nothing.

My girlfriend said it wasn't so simple. I said: "It is. Go and get a job, or go and DO something. Don't fucking sit around waiting for favours and handouts. Not if you expect your life to change."

Be your own saviour. Invest in Being, Doing and Having, not Hoping, Wanting and Wishing. You be the miracle.


Abby said...

You have hit the nail on the head there my friend.

It's happening in the charities I see on a daily basis too. People start expecting and demanding handouts vs doing something for themselves!

Nick van der Leek said...

Just do it - yourself! Nicky (rather than Nike)