Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why this country disgusts me - Another absolute shocker

SHOOT: This must be the most dangerous job in the world. Here's the rub. Either you get caught helping your mates rob the company you work for [and then go to the CCMA for firing you], or your colleagues kill you for not being part of the scam.

On my way to work today I drove by one of these heavily armored vans. I don't think I have seen one that is in mint condition. Most looked banged up, with one window a spiderweb of bullet damaged glass.
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FORMER cash-in-transit guards have provided chilling insights into the sometimes bloody violence and death that accompany heists.

“You live with the constant fear of being killed, yet when you escape with your life you face harassment by your bosses and the police,” one of them said.

The guards who spoke to Sowetan have been fired by one of the leading international security companies, SG4, on suspicion of having masterminded two seperate heists. They admitted that many robberies were inside jobs.

“It is true that some heist are inside jobs,” one former guard said. “Guards are paid very little, which makes them vulnerable to crime.

“They easily get involved with criminals and carry out robberies. And they kill their own colleagues during these heists.”

He said guards who were not in cahoots with the robbers were often the ones who were seriously wounded or died during the robberies.

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