Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A stressed population is primed for widespread sickness

NEWS24.COM: He said the medical scheme had noted a significant increase in serious ailments requiring hospitalisation, such as cardiovascular illness - hypertension, strokes and heart attacks - as well as psychiatric conditions such as depression and other mental disorders.

These stress-related conditions could well be linked to the recession, he said.

SHOOT: Which makes the appearance of swine flu right now somewhat ominous.
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Johannesburg - South Africa's first recession in 17 years could be to blame for an increasing number of stress-related illnesses, Pro Sano Medical Scheme said on Tuesday.
"Quite simply, it seems as though money worries and job insecurity are making people sicker and leading to increased hospitalisation and medical treatment," he said.
Arens said a number of medical schemes had reported a significant change in the usual claims patterns and it appeared medical aid claims were on the increase.

"Claims expenditure in the first half of the year are usually much less than what we've seen this year," he said.

"We normally notice peaks around May, June and July linked to winter ailments," he said.

However, claims received in the first part of 2009 were almost as high as mid-year claims, which was "worrying", Arens said.

He said hospitals run as businesses were also feeling increased pressure to show profits and keep their shareholders happy.
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