Saturday, August 8, 2009

Need to stimulate jobs? Wind power boosts local demand for labor

In wind power, local demand often means local jobs -- that's especially true in China where an unofficial rule says all installed turbines must include 70 percent local content.

SHOOT: Going green has the advantage that it is fairly labor intensive. South Africa needs to turn the Karoo into a Solar Power Mecca, especially around urban centres such as Beaufort West and Upington, Kimberley and possibly Colesberg.
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LONDON (Reuters) - China is winning a global race to create "green collar" jobs, six months after countries worldwide launched $500 billion spending plans to drive a low-carbon economy.

Following the economic downturn, both the United States and Europe aim to spur jobs in a green push to fight climate change and boost energy security, but China may leapfrog both this year in new wind power -- a key measure.

China passed the United States in numbers of new wind turbines built in the first half of 2009, data from Beijing-based specialists Azure International shows, and is also increasing its share of the main solar demand market, Europe.

"I think China is definitely winning the race," said Wu Changhua, China director of the London-based environment body The Climate Group, citing support for low-carbon LED lighting and electric cars as well as wind and solar.

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