Monday, February 9, 2009

Woolworths becomes 'cheapskate' - YAY!

Woolworths are vrek expensive, and on the few occasions I shop there, I tend to regret it. I know some people who shop there and nowhere else - they tend to live in places that could fit about ten of my loft apartments, and have a nice moat to go around the whole shebang too.
Oh the layout and the Woolworths product is great (and all), but you're not getting any value - not close. So I think it's good that they're shaving some bucks of their stuff. The question will be - how much? Enough?
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JOHANNESBURG, Feb 9 (Reuters) - South African retailer
Woolworths (WHLJ.J) has cut prices on 5 percent of its product
lines as it grapples with a consumer downturn in Africa's
biggest economy.

Woolworths, which has been losing market share as its
hard-pressed middle income customers switch to cheaper
supermarkets, said on Monday the cuts applied to a range of
products, including basics such as oil and rice.

The food and clothing retailer said the price reductions
were part of a drive to make its food division more mainstream,
rather than focusing on pricier items such as ready-cooked meals
and speciality foods.

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