Monday, December 8, 2008

What to buy your girlfriend, or wife (or both) for Christmas

Some nifty ideas. A silver bracelet is another one, but as soon as you go the jewellery route you're not allowed to stop (and it can lead to marriage).
I quite like the idea of buying the woman in your life a computer/notebook. If she's working on it she's unlikely to complain when you are
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Sex and the City Complete DVD Collection
Give your wife the gift of nonstop sex with the complete DVD collection of Sex and the City, which includes all six seasons of the cult hit, an encyclopedia, a board game, a book of sex tips, and a definitive guide to the show's cameo appearances. Now she'll have something to do while you're watching football on Saturday. ($183.99 - $283.85)

Isabella Oliver Maternity Wrap Column Dress
She feels fat. She needs to vomit. She wants a pickle-and-ice-cream sundae. Help her feel pretty again with the Isabella Oliver maternity wrap column dress, which features an adjustable strap that will keep her cute no matter how big she feels. ($290)

  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9
    The Senz by Totes Mini Umbrella
    Prepara Power Plant Mini
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