Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hybrid Bicycles - WOW!

Rather than trying to turn a bike into a car, the eneloop promises better bicycling by seamlessly integrating human input and battery output. Pedal turn the rear wheel, while a 250-watt motor powered by a 29.5-volt lithium-ion battery turns the front wheel. Electric range varies according to how you ride, but Sanyo says the battery is good for 35 to 60 miles. It'll recharge in about 3.5 hours.

NVDL: Instead of hybrid-ising cars (already a drain on resources, why NOT upscale bicycles?
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So Sanyo has introduced a new human-electric hybrid bike that integrates an electric motor and traditional pedaling in a regenerative cycle of glad tidings and peace on Earth. Sanyo calls it the eneloop bike and makes the name painfully hip by dropping the caps. It expects the bike to be a hit, and it probably will be if only because it's more advanced than anything at its price and the e-bike industry is doing pretty well right now.

The eneloop joins an electro-peloton that has seen more entries bonk than break away. For every sweet ride like the Ultra Motor A2B there are hoopties like the C5 electric trike that tried to revolutionize transportation but failed like an English major taking organic chemistry.

Words don't do this three-wheeled beast justice, so we've got some unintentionally hilarious videos.

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