Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Kunstlercast - listen HERE

"...a weekly podcast that offers some of the smartest, most honest urban commentary around -- online or off."
-- Columbia Journalism Review

"...the KunstlerCast delivers the goods, with inspired rants on a variety of subjects related to American places (and non-places) and the coming peak oil reality."

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The Kunstler Cast featuring James Howard Kunstler
I believe a lot of people share my feelings about the tragic landscape of highway strips, parking lots, housing tracts, mega-malls, junked cities, and ravaged countryside that makes up the everyday environment where most Americans live and work.
Attention First-Time Listeners

Here are two short KunstlerCast promo clips to give you a sense of what this program is all about:

The KunstlerCast is an ongoing conversation unfolding in no particular order. But some installments are better entry points than others. Try starting with show #8, #10, or #28.

And here's our show on The Great Bailout 2008.
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