Sunday, August 3, 2008

Half of the 14,000 newsagents in England, Scotland and Wales may abandon home deliveries

Peter Hinchliffe: These are gloomy times for newspapers in the United Kingdom and the United States.

- Fewer people are buying and reading them.
- Advertising revenue is declining.
- Raw materials and delivery costs are increasing.

"So you've bought a small forest, Wal. Ten thousand trees. That's good, Wal. Always a need for more tables and chairs … What's that? You're going to mash the wood up? Squeeze it flat? Print news on it? What kind of news, Wal? Murders, road accidents, business news … And you're going to sell this news every day? Sorry, Wal, did I hear you right? You're going to get … children … to trudge round the streets, pushing this news through letter boxes? And what happens when the wood runs out, Wal? You plant more trees. I see, you chop trees down so you can plant more trees. And how many ships are you going to need, Wal? And lorries to carry these, who do you call 'em, these news papers, from town to town?
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