Monday, July 20, 2009

WHY THIS COUNTRY DISGUSTS ME: SA spends more on politicians’ bodyguards than border security because politicians are more important than we are

The police plan to spend R380 million on VIP protection services in the current financial year, compared with R225 million on border security.

SHOOT: Makes perfect sense. A politician's safety is more important than the safety and security of the whole country, and its residents.
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Noting that South Africa spends more on VIP protection than it does on protecting the borders of the country, two Democratic Alliance MPs complained on Monday that someone has stolen the border fence between this country and Lesotho.

David Maynier, who speaks on defence matters for the DA and his deputy, James Lorimer, visited the border in the Golden Gate, Clarens-Fouriesburg area and reported:

"The borderline fence does not – for all practical purposes – exist, with large parts of the fence and many fence poles having been stolen".

They said on Monday that border is wide open, making local residents in the border areas vulnerable to transnational crime – especially stock theft.

"There are approximately 30 police officers to protect 130 kilometres of landward border, that is one policeman for every 4.3km," Maynier said. "The stock theft unit is also ineffective – the unit has three police officers, with 13 vacant posts."

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