Thursday, July 23, 2009

EASTERN CAPE WEATHER WARNING: The province is expected to be very cold and wet, with gale force winds and rough seas.

SHOOT: In June a number of people died in weather-related incidents, so if you're in the area, wrap up and do take care. Oh and email a picture of the snow to
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Queenstown - The main road between Fort Beaufort and Queenstown in the Eastern Cape has been closed due to heavy snow, the regional community services department warned.
"We have had to close the road because it's getting worse and there have already been one or two accidents," said Gideon Judeel, the department's director in the Lukhanji municipality.
The approximately 120km stretch was closed primarily to prevent further accidents.
"The conditions are not good," said Judeel, on his way to examine the situation, and to assess the overall impact on the communities living in the area.
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