Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Now might be a good time to discuss - no, DO SOMETHING ABOUT - climate change

NVDL: The problem with all this is
1) It's happening at higher latitudes where most of world's population don't have cities (few of the world's wealthy elites experience these changes firsthand)
2) This news has to compete with the lalest on The Dark Night, Britney Spears and a much loved voice-over artist that died. (People don't consider it a priority, and mistakenly don't see how it affects them - as such it's a subtle failure of perception, and of the imagination).
3) By the time climate change knocks on our doors in the suburbs (and I believe it has started, through the weird waves of diseases and potent flu seasons we're starting to get), well then it is too late. It's already very very late to start changing our habits.
4) Neither leaders, governments nor individuals (for the most part) have the will, resolve, virtue or discipline to unilaterally apply common sensical responses to what is widely apparent
5) Due to the size of the problem, even entire countries feel powerless. What can we do? A lot.

- Change our living arrangementsto more walkable communities
- Consume food (and grow it) locally
- Eat less meat and more produce (what we should be doing anyway) , since the livestock industry is incredibly energy intensive, as well as water intensive

The first thing you can do today to be part of the solution is eat less meat. It's that simple.
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