Monday, September 29, 2008

French cuisine in Rosebank

This looks interesting, but WHERE in Rosebank is this restaurant?
HAUTE couture is usually associated with fashion, but one entrepreneur has turned dining into a fashionable experience with the launch of his French-themed restaurant in Johannesburg.

Louis XVI, which cost R3-million to set up, is well placed in the upmarket suburb of Rosebank, and is a reflection of French society and lifestyle, from the food, to the music and d├ęcor.

“We wanted it to be relaxed, upmarket, and unique through this theme — a restaurant with a personality,” said Raphael Benza, co-owner of Louis XVI.

“Also, there are not many French restaurants in the city and none in the Rosebank area where we are situated.”

The establishment boasts an authentic French chef, menu and staff of 17, with at least eight of them speaking French.

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