Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is a Load Shedding Schedule A Good Idea?

No one is talking about this, but I think in Gauteng especially load shedding lowers the defences of homes substantially, as the grid no longer arms perimeter fencing/alarm systems. There may be a few homes that operate off the grid, or that have back-up generators but the vast majority certainly do not.

As we come closer to facing a recession, as the current fuel price increases feed into the system, the strain on the massive population of poor people in SA will increase again. At the same time, the security that has held out criminals is now on the blink?

I believe it is time that we start to address this breakdown in our ability to defend homes against possible criminal elements. I am not sure if newspapers ought to be publishing load shedding schedules, so that those who might want to take advantage might have free access to this important information. If it is reasonably temporary, fine. If not, we might find ourselves in trouble.

Any ideas?

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