Monday, June 8, 2009

Somebody has to set in motion the chain of recognition, or events will soon do it for us - Kunstler

SHOOT: That is the purpose of this blog. A voice crying out in the internet wilderness, one sheath of grass in a clamouring field. Sadly the signal is for the most part lost. But the message we all already know. We have to start spending our days and nights differently, saying adieu to our cars, and to our conventional ideas about money. We can get on our hands and knees and put our fingers in the soil, and turn our eyes to the sky - instead of reading these pixels off a screen. This, here, isn't reality. Reality is hands and feet touching the Earth, and feeling it, and it feeling you beginning to scratch a real life of substance rather than an artifical excuse for a life.
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It will be very painful for us to walk away from the car-centered life.  Half the population faces the ugly obstacle of being hopelessly over-invested in a suburban house and all the life-ways associated with it. There will be no easy way out for them, whatever they chose to do politically, whatever noise they make, whomever they scapegoat, whatever fantasies they cultivate about what the world owes them, or who they think they are.
Mr. Obama should not waste another week pretending that we can keep this old system going.  The public needs to know that we will be making our livings differently, inhabiting the landscape differently, and spending our days and nights differently -- even while we suffer our losses.  The public needs to hear this from more figures than Mr. Obama, too, from leaders in the state capitals, and the agencies, and business and education and what remains of the clergy.  But somebody has to set in motion the chain of recognition, or events will soon do it for us.
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