Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tsunami Trucks on South Africa are serial death threats on wears

SHOOT: One of the consequences of the recession are safety checks and maintenance are done less and less. On vehicle and air fleets. The result: crashes like these. Make sure your vehicle is up to date in terms of tyres, brakes and all the rest. Your life is worth the extra expense!
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Four die in horror crash that destroys trees, cars, shops

The runaway truck hit trees and other vehicles before landing inside a sweets shop on Annan Road, killing four people, including a pupil.

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Three people died and four were injured after a horse and trailer plunged into pedestrians and a hotel in central Pretoria yesterday.

Six pedestrians were walking past the Lulli Lulli Hotel when they were hit by the runaway truck.

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A man yesterday described his heartache after arriving at an accident scene on the N3 highway to find his friend of 30 years had been burnt beyond recognition.

The pile-up at about 7.30am near the Van Buuren off-ramp also left another woman with serious burn wounds. The accident involved nine vehicles, including two trucks.

“When I got here the body was still in the car. It was completely burnt (and) I was not able to recognise her,” he said.

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A tow truck driver is in a critical condition after a 20 ton truck carrying bricks drove over his vehicle in Douglasdale
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