Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1.2 million killed in road accidents each year around the world

If you have a 50 000 seater stadium, you will need 24 for all the dead bodies. The number of injuries is over 20 million globally.
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A memorial and fatality sign mark the spot in this file photo from Edmonton where two young women and a young man died in a car crash.

MUMBAI - The twisted metal of smashed up cars lining highways is a grim testament to India's road toll, one of the worst in the world with around 100,000 people killed in traffic accidents last year alone.

And the toll is not just human. The World Bank estimates that every year road accidents cost India about 3 percent of its gross domestic product which was more than $1 trillion in 2007.

Road accidents could become the No. 3 public health issue in India by 2020, overtaking such deadly diseases as tuberculosis and AIDS, the World Bank predicts.

The World Bank estimates that the number of deaths from car accidents globally will rise to 2 million per year by 2020 from 1.2 million unless driving skills are taught and road laws are enforced.

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